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Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach

918 N. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Discover your Favorite Stretch of Daytona Shoreline

Blessed with 23 miles of pristine coastline, wide, warm golden beaches, and a seashore dotted with swaying palm trees, the only thing left to decide is which strand of Daytona Beach has the vibe just right for you.

A Guide to the Top Beaches in and Near Daytona Beach

The beaches in Daytona are famously known for their expansive shorelines teeming with water and seaside activities.  And with blissfully balmy weather year-round, any time is a good time to visit this historic vacation destination—even during the winter.


Only 5.5 miles long, Daytona Beach Shores is a quaint, family-friendly beach town with, believe it or not, only 3 stop lights. Dahlia Ave Beach Park has a lovely fishing pier with a restaurant overlooking gorgeous ocean views. Located on a quiet stretch of shoreline just south of the Daytona Boardwalk area, Daytona Beach Shores is ideal for those looking to escape the crowds.


The richest man in American history once lived in Ormond Beach—J.D. Rockefeller. Today, beach-goers continue to marvel at the tranquil, unspoiled scenery while enjoying a variety of outdoor pursuits. For families with little ones, there’s the Andy Romano Beachfront Park. Only steps from the sand, the park features a splash pad and shaded picnic tables.

The Ormond Scenic Loop offers access to numerous parks where visitors enjoy everything from fishing and boating, to beach walking and coastal hiking


Home to the fabulous Daytona Boardwalk, a mile-long pedestrian-only walkway, and a wide shore bustling with an array of activities, this buzzy beach town has garnered a reputation for being at the center of all the action. Enjoy beach driving or beach biking (on the sand, yes), play arcade games, go on a sky-high thrill-ride, watch street performers, or hit up one of the beach bars & savor a meal from food trucks parked along the shore.


With a 17-mile stretch of shoreline, New Smyrna Beach is an expansive yet, charming, seaside locale with an array of picnic areas, pavilions, beach parks, and fishing piers. Beach driving is an iconic vacation tradition, but there are substantial stretches of traffic-free beaches, too. The area is a hotspot for expert and beginner surfers while also offering town visitors quaint shops, lovely art galleries, and one-of-a-kind restaurants.


If you’re up for the workout, climb 203 steps to the observation deck of Florida’s tallest lighthouse. Standing tall at 175-feet, the top of the tower overlooks panoramic views of the Atlantic inlet and inland waters. Enjoy a walk down the Ponce Inlet Jetty—a paved walkway built on a rock outcropping, stretching roughly half a mile into the Atlantic. Beach activities include watersports like jet skiing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. This Instagram-worthy spot is perfect for couples looking to explore a different side of Daytona.


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