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Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach

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Outdoor Activities in Daytona Beach

Explore Daytona Beach

Known for its gorgeous coastline, iconic boardwalk, and array of bustling attractions, Daytona Beach is the ultimate, all-season escape for beachgoers. Driving on the beach is one of the most popular things to do in Daytona Beach, but the city is also home to a collection of parks, creeks, rivers, and hiking trails. With vast areas of unspoiled greenspace, Daytona offers endless opportunities to experience the outdoor.

Parks, Trails, and Hidden Gems


Stretching from the Atlantic to the Halifax, Ponce Preserve encompasses 41 acres of ocean dunes, mangrove forests, wetlands, and terraced palmetto patches. A boardwalk meanders across the march to the river. Benches and covered gazebos offer visitors a quiet place to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Home to an ancient Indian midden, the park also protects a significant archaeological site known as Green Mound. Located at the base of Green Mound is a 350-year-old live oak tree.


The 30-mile double loop trail is dotted with parks, peaceful rivers, creeks, marshes, and historical sites. The area offers a wide variety of fun-filled activities—from boating and fishing to hiking, biking, and beach walking.

Known as “The Loop,” the trail has plenty of scenic views. Local bicycle rental is available, and The Ormond Beach Historical Society offers guided bus tours and walking excursions.


Located just a few miles from downtown, Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens is the site of a 19th century English sugar mill and the abandoned amusement park, Bongoland.

Lush botanical gardens surround the ruins of Dunlawton Plantation. Amidst the trees and native flora, huge dinosaur statues remain as surviving relics of the 1950’s pre-Disney amusement attraction.

Best Outdoor Daytona Beach Activities & Attractions

Daytona Beach offers a potpourri of outdoor activities and experiences. Animal lovers and nature enthusiasts will find the area rich in natural treasures.


Also known as a sea cow, manatees cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway at a languid pace of around 5-miles an hour. The surrounding area is also home to dolphins and a diverse array of other marine wildlife.

Eco tours, kayaks rentals, and charter boats are available at Ponce Inlet.


Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) provide a fun, eco-friendly alternative to enjoy the winding waterways of Daytona Beach. Paddle boarding experiences include fishing, surfing, sightseeing, and even yoga.

Located less than a mile from Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach, Oceanside Paddle Sports provides paddleboard instructions and rentals. Find them directly on the beach (in the shops on the boardwalk).


The Marine Science Center at Ponce Inlet offers plenty of hands-on activities including a stingray touching pool. The center is also rehabilitates sea turtles, snakes, and seabirds.

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